Here are a few videos of my designs posted on youtub ( that I know of). Be warned, quality varies and only a few were actually made with my blessing! Some are downright impossible to follow 😉

#trumpigami - Blowing in the wind
Nick folding on German TV
60 degree Star
A4 Buttefly (no credit or permission)
A4 Rhombic module - Rhombic Hexecontahedron
A4 Rhombic module - Xmas Boule
A4 Rhombic module - 90 units spinning!
A4 Rhombic Hexecontahedron
Angel of Communication
Baby Seal
Book Reviews (Basics and WBO)
Cecil the Lion
Dolphin (for Antalis)
Double Cube
Dummies Man
Finger Puppet (noisy)
Fish (for Antalis)
Flower (for Antalis)
Folding in Germany
Gem Flower
Giraffe (without credit or permission!)
Intriguing Origami
Mad March Hare
Modular Star 1
Modular Star 2
Modular Star
Modular Spiked Icosahedron
"Mosquito"? plane
Mother & Baby Penguin
Parrot (for Antalis)
Paulo's Dish (uncredited)
Plane on a stand 1
Plane on a stand 2
Shell (for Antalis)
Skunk 1
Skunk 2
Spiked Icosahedron (from trimodule unit)
Star Dish
Star Dish
Sue's Flapper
UFO (on Canel 5!)
Vampire Bat 1 (16 seconds!)
Vampire Bat 2
Wallet 1
Wallet 2
World's Best Origami review