British Origami

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Suburban House by Giles Towning
page 20 (from Square)
Elephant head by Wayne Brown
page 24 (from Square)
Flag by Robert Foord
page 26 (from Square)
Butterfly by John Smith
page 30 (from Square)
Simple Boat by Edwin Corrie
page 34 (from Square)
Crocodile by David Brill
page 38 (from Square)
Kaleidoscope by Mick Guy
page 42 (from Square)
Girl's head by Eric Kenneway
page 48 (from Square)
Tree Motif by Martin Wall
page 52 (from Square)
3D Bird by Paul Jackson
page 56 (from Square)
Bowl by Nick Robinson
page 60 (from Square)
Bear by Stephen O'Hanlon
page 64 (from Square)
Face by Mark Bolitho
page 70 (from Square)
Propella by Jeff Beynon
page 74 (from Square)
Box by Max Hulme
page 78 (from Square)
Fish by Tony O'Hare
page 84 (from Square)
Seagull by Ted Norminton
page 90 (from Square)
Pine Cone by David Petty
page 98 (from Square)
Badger by Robin Glynn
page 104 (from Square)
Car by Iris Walker
page 114 (from Square)