Origami Fish

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Simple Fish by Nick Robinson
page 20 (from Square)
Fish Silhouette by Nick Robinson
page 24 (from Square)
Multiform Fish by Viviane Berty
page 28 (from Square)
Pureland Fish by Marc Kirschenbaum
page 32 (from Square)
Bubblefish by Simon Andersen
page 34 (from Square)
3D fish by Stephen Palmer
page 38 (from Square)
Goldfish by Rob Snyder
page 42 (from Square)
Telescope Fish by Rob Snyder
page 46 (from Square)
Angel Fish by John Montroll
page 52 (from Square)
Flatfish by Nick Robinson
page 56 (from Square)
Clownfish by John Montroll
page 62 (from Square)
Koi Carp by traditional
page 66 (from Square)
Swimming Fish by Ng Boon Choon
page 72 (from Square)
Moray Eel by Nick Robinson
page 76 (from Square)
Banded Angelfish by Robert Lang
page 80 (from Square)
Fish Bones by Sébastien Limet
page 86 (from Square)
Shark by Nick Robinson
page 92 (from Square)
Manta Ray by Nick Robinson
page 98 (from Square)
Carpe Pisces by Nick Robinson
page 104 (from Square)
Puffer Fish by Sébastien Limet
page 112 (from Square)