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Alice In Wonderland

This project is currently in limbo, due to publishing shenanigans. It *will* come out at some point (I'm assured) but I don't expect that to be any time soon.

A book written at extremely short notice, once again obliging me to create the contents myself, due to insufficient time to track down and get permission from other creators. I also took the photos myself, but didn't fold the examples that are embedded in the cover, some other poor sods had to do that ;)

The book is, of course, a favourite and way back in the mists of time, I had entered a competition to design AIW characters - read the story on my blog. The Cheshire Cat you can see on the right was a development of my earlier (prize-winning!) entry.

So, it was a fun project, although the task of capturing the esence of the subject in only a few steps (lack of space due to small page format) was a challenge. Most are single-sheet solutions, but Alice ended up in three pieces, poor lass.

You also get 50 sheets of origami paper in a selection of colors and patterns with which to practise.

Caterpillar / Cheshire Cat / Guard / March Hare / Jabberwock / Mouse / Mushroom / White Rabbit / Mad Hatters Hat / Tweedledum


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