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Butterflies in Origami


Polish edition
Polish edition Polish edition

This is another project with NuiNui Publishing, with whom I have written several books. I'm always impressed with their willingness to accomodate the author's design elements and to give care and attention to the layout as well as the contents. Most books require me to fil a specific number of pages, but NuiNui work the other way round, they use as many pages as the book requires, so there is no need to compress images or diagrams to fit on a page. The English version is produced by Dover, the Fench & Italian by NuiNui books.

The paper enclosed in the box is bright, thin and crisp. As is the current trend, they are brightly patterned on one side and a plain colour on the other. Maybe not realistic, but eye-catching ;)

There are many origami butterflies in existance, but I tried to select those that were less well known, including designs by Lee Armstrong / Evi Binzinger / Akira Yoshizawa / Shoko Aoyagi / David Donahue / Wayne Brown / Thea Anning / Rob Snyder / Michel Grand / Stéphane Gigandet / Mick Guy / Rikki Donachie / Michael LaFosse / Shuzo Fujimoto

Available in French or Italian.

130 pages, A4, ISBN 2889356574

9 Fold Butterfly by Lee Armstrong
page 16 (from Square)

Pinwheel Butterfly by Traditional
page 20 (from Square)

Emerging Butterfly by Nick Robinson
page 24 (from Square)

Butterfly Envelope by Evi Binzinger
page 30 (from Square)

Sunbathing Butterfly by Nick Robinson
page 34 (from Square)

Yoshizawa's Butterfly by Akira Yoshizawa
page 40 (from Square)

Australian Butterfly by Shoko Aoyagi
page 46 (from Square)

Donahue Butterfly by David Donahue
page 52 (from Square)

Meadow Brown by Wayne Brown
page 56 (from Square)

Moth Silhouette by Thea Anning
page 60 (from Square)

Daisys Butterfly by Nick Robinson
page 66 (from Square)

Snyder Butterfly by Rob Snyder
page 72 (from Square)

Spotted Butterfly by Nick Robinson
page 76 (from Square)

Butterfly Card by Michel Grand
page 80 (from Square)

Papillon Gigandet by St├ęphane Gigandet
page 86 (from Square)

Loving Butterflies by Mick Guy
page 92 (from Square)

Donachie Butterfly by Rikki Donachie
page 100 (from Square)

Caterpillar by Nick Robinson
page 106 (from Square)

A Butterfly For Nick Robinson by Michael LaFosse
page 112 (from Square)

Crowding Butterflies by Shuzo Fujimoto
page 120 (from Square)
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