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front coverPart of the Dover Publications "My FIRST Origami book" series, this is one of two volumes aimed at the younger folder (7 and upwards). There are a few trad designs, the rest are Robinson originals, designed specifically for this book. Normally I would try to include a wide variety of creators, but the scheduling didn't really allow for this, so on went the creative hat!

It's also another step forward for me in terms of production, since I am sending completed pages, with layout, colour & text all in place.

The day when I can produce my own book is getting closer. I'm not sure how both this and the companion volume ""Things That Go" can both be "my first book", but I've always been a closet pedant ;)

ISBN-10: 0486487075

Pecking Bird (trad) / Talking Frog (trad) / Hermit Crab / Penguin (trad) / Turtle / Angel Fish (trad)/ Flying Bird / Mouse / Sun Fish / Pelican / Dog / Shark / Songbird / Anteater / Starfish (trad) / Swallow / Rabbit / Shark Attack / Baby Eagle / Angry dog / Whale / Bird



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