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Fantastic Flexagons

UK?American editionIt is a genunine pleasure to be involved in this book. Yes, there's folding in it, but it *isn't* an origami book, my first as such! It's a collection of exciting designs to cut out and glue together to form things that flex. Flexagons were first introduced in a column written by Martin Gardner for Scientific American.

The assembly diagrams certainly tested by modest 3D illustration skills and I even managed to create one I think is actually original, a "hexa-flipper! This book contains:

• A brief introduction on the history of hexaflexagons
• Instructions on how to make 13 different fun flexagon models
• 40 pages of easy tear-out pages with pieces to assemble your hexaflexagons

The patterns were created in America by Alexandra Rice and are simple yet stylish.


Tri-Tetra /  / Tetra-Tetra / Flipper / Tri-Hexa / Hexa-Hexa / Inside-Out Tube / Inside-Out Cube / Hollow Ring Kaleido / Hexagonal Ring Kaleido / Octagonal Ring Kaleido / Cube Kaleidocycle / Hexa-Flipper / Flexicube

Skyhorse Publishing ISBN: 9781944686109


Möbius by Traditional
page 4 (from Strip)

Tri-Tetra by Traditional
page 6 (from Cut)

Tetra-Tetra by Traditional
page 8 (from Cut)

Flipper by Traditional
page 10 (from Cut)

Tri-Hexa by Traditional
page 12 (from Strip)

Hexa-Hexa by Traditional
page 14 (from Strip)

Inside-Out Tube by Traditional
page 16 (from Strip)

Inside-Out Cube by Traditional
page 18 (from Strip)

Hollow Ring Kaleido by Traditional
page 20 (from Cut)

Hexagonal Ring Kaleido by Traditional
page 22 (from Cut)

Octagonal Ring Kaleido by Traditional
page 24 (from Cut)

Cube Kaleidocycle by Traditional
page 26 (from Cut)

Hexa-Flipper by Nick Robinson
page 28 (from Cut shape)

Flexicube by Traditional
page 30 (from Strip)
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