Hans-Werner Guth wooden folding tool

A rare opportunity to own one of a limited set of hand-made wooden folding tools crafted by Hans-Werner Guth in his workshop in Cologne, Germany.

Ranging from 15 to 20cms in length, they are perfect for assisting you to create magical origami designs, with flat areas for sharpening creases and flattening layers, and a pointed end for opening pockets, forming eyes and 101 other uses. They can even be used for opening envelopes.

They not only look superb, but feel gorgeous and will last a lifetime. As an alternative to using plastic or even (nein danke) bone tools, they will be a joy to use and you will get admiring glances at meetings. Plus, every one is unique! They would make a fine gift from any folding friends you have. If you order more than one, any postage savings will be refunded.

Cost £15.00 including free UK postage

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you!!!  They are stunning, absolutely beautiful and so precious.  I love them.  Got two, one for me and a spare so I can offer this to anyone struggling in my Origami sessions - for some men doing tiny pieces with large fingers is a challenge so this will really help for access. The wood and carving is beautiful, love the feel.  So satisfying to give such strong folds.  Just about to embark on folding 270 pieces for a 'Goliath' Bascetta star - been on my wish list for a while and helping with mood in these odd times.  Already feeling energised for starting this and the folding tool feels a lovely companion in this epic journey. Kindest wishes

Dr Lizzie Burns








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