Here are a few videos of my designs posted on youtub ( that I know of). Be warned, quality varies and only a few were actually made with my blessing! Some are downright impossible to follow 😉

#trumpigami - Blowing in the wind
Nick folding on German TV
5 Point Star
5 Point Star
10 Point Star
60 degree Star
A4 Rhombic module
A4 Rhombic module - Xmas Boule
A4 Rhombic module - 90 units spinning!
A4 Rhombic Hexecontahedron
Angel of Communication
Baby Seal
Book Reviews (Basics and WBO)
Cecil the Lion
Dolphin (for Antalis)
Double Cube
Dummies Man
Elephant #2
Finger Puppet (noisy)
Fish (for Antalis)
Flower (for Antalis)
Folding in Germany
Gem Flower
Giraffe (without credit or permission!)
Intriguing Origami
Mad March Hare
Modular Star 1
Modular Star 2
Modular Star
Modular Spiked Icosahedron
"Mosquito"? plane
Mother & Baby Penguin
Parrot (for Antalis)
Paulo's Dish (uncredited)
Plane on a stand 1
Plane on a stand 2
Rat (for the Year of the Rat)
Shell (for Antalis)
Skunk 1
Skunk 2
Spiked Icosahedron (from trimodule unit)
Star Dish
Star Dish
Sue's Flapper
UFO (on Canel 5!)
Vampire Bat 1 (16 seconds!)
Vampire Bat 2
Wallet 1
Wallet 2
World's Best Origami review